Ebook version (only English)

There are two formats: Kindle (sold in Amazon) and EPUB (sold in Kobo).

Kindle version

You can buy it in Amazon.

In your reader you will see correctly some typesettings details that Amazon sample shows incorrectly:

You can see here a PDF with screen copies showing this.

Or, if you use "Send a free sample", "Deliver to your Kindle Library" on the right on the Amazon website you can download this sample to your device and get a real idea of what the e-book is like.

Epub version

You can buy it in Kobo.

To get a real idea of the ebook it's better to use the "Save Preview" option and read it in your device, because the "Preview Now" option doesn't correctly show how is the book like. Or look at Kindle's preview (that neither shows 100% rightly how you will see the book in your device, but it shows it much better than Kobo's).

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