Hamer: comments for experts

Clarifying the use of the word "conflict"

Hamer often used the word "Konflikt" (English "conflict"). A "conflict" is a struggle between two parties (people, countries, societies,...). Sick people can have "conflicts" or not: someone with pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer, have "conflicts" (they have those diseases because they are fighting with someone), but someone with bone decalcification, lung cancer, leukaemia, lymphoma,.... is not fighting with anyone.

A woman shocked by the death of a loved one (husband, son, father,...) in Hamer's terminology is said to be in "active conflict", but she has no conflict, she will be in immense pain, but she has no conflict with anyone.

Instead of that word Hamer could have used "time of commotion" or "consternation". What has been translated in English as "conflict-active phase" would then be "shock phase"; which is what happens to anyone after receiving "a shock" (psychic or physical), until he calms down / recovers and returns to his normal state. He is overwhelmed.

The 5th law

Biological sense only according to animal logic

The 5th law says: "The understanding of every 'illness' as an integral part of a SBS (Special Program of Nature with Biological Sense) and which is explained in the context of evolutionary history". Presentation of the Germanic New Medicine, p.36.

That among animals there is a sense of survival of the most perfect and elimination of the old or defective seems self-evident. That our body follows an animal logic in some cases is also evident. But it is also evident that we have not only a body with an animal logic, but also a soul, with a different logic and interests.

The meaning he gives to some diseases is rather difficult to believe, such as what we read in his book Testament of a New Medicine: "mouth or nasal ulcers are to enlarge the mouth or nasal cavity".

No practical use

The 5th law is of no practical use, because the hypothetical "sense" of the disease can only in some cases help the patient to advance towards a cure. It is neither necessary to know it nor to accept it. The patient wants to get rid of the illness, whether or not it has a "meaning".


That there is competition among animals is undoubtedly true, but this is only part of the theory of evolution. Its core, the idea of evolution of species by accumulation of small changes, is easily refuted, for example in this article, and by numerous clear facts ( cited in this other article). Since the changes must be small, there is no longer complete randomness, and the idea of randomness, of things happening without a reason, is clearly absurd: even two years old children ask "why?".

Religious expressions

In the quoted work, speaking of the 5th law, he adds: "Mother Nature has always been benevolent towards us, and she had everything well organised". Since "benevolence" and "organisation" are the exercise of the faculties of the soul (Will and Intelligence); since these appear only in man, angels and God; since when he uses the expression "Mother Nature" he is not referring to man or angels; one concludes that he is equating "Mother Nature" with God. Moreover, in the book quoted above he speaks of "Judeo-Christian" religion (which does not exist), disparages the religiosity of the 5th to 15th centuries (Saint Thomas Aquinas, Saint Francis,...) as "paranoia", or says that "In the old days people were made to fear and depend on the Church, and were made to burn by the millions on the bonfires of the Inquisition"; that doesn't match with his Master in Theology.


I believe that Dr. Hamer's discoveries serve to put an end to the bad medicine of recent times. His laws are true, and therefore bring order, simplicity, common sense, predictability, tranquillity,... to diseases and their treatment.

I think his discoveries led him to the opposite of bad medicine: to intuit an order and goodness in everything. And that led him to formulate his 5th law, which seems to me correct in its idea but using New Age, "politically correct" expressions: saying "Mother Nature" instead of God, and "Nature" instead of "creation".

Comments on the 1st law

Hamer says, in his 1st law, that "Every illness is initiated by a shock", that "illness is an instinctive reaction of our body that starts when there is a biological shock", a (1) "very strong, extremely sharp, dramatic impact", (2) "unexpected", (3) "experienced in solitude". Point (1) is already included in another place that says that "the greater the intensity of the stress phase and duration, the greater the symptoms will be" (we will have a small freckle for a small shock and a larger freckle for a stronger shock); point (2) always occurs, as instincts are the body's reactions to the unexpected; and point (3) seems a factor for the shock not to be resolved quickly but not an essential condition, as instincts, very fast by their very nature, do not have time to consider whether we feel alone or accompanied.

Going deeper

Illness is an instinctive bodily reaction, but...

Is getting tanned in the sun the same thing? Is sweating when running the same thing? Both are automatic, instinctive reactions of the body. What is the difference with an illness: that the mental component is missing, that there is no shock, that we are more or less conscious of what we are doing.

And, remembering that for there to be a shock there have to be 2 things that shock, I propose that:

"illness (when it has an emotional origin), is an instinctive bodily reaction that is initiated when (and maintains as long as) an experience collides with one of the walls we have inside us."(*)

With what do we form the "walls", "dykes" inside us?

Inside us we only have ideas, so it is with ideas.

What kind of ideas?

Well, they must refer to things that are important to me, because if they are not important, I won't mind losing them, just as I don't mind someone cutting one of my hairs. On the other hand, if I care for the flowers in my garden as I care for myself, if I see a dog pissing on them, I will feel it as if it were pissing on me, and I will be very much opposed to that risk.

Then to appreciate much in this life other than God is generally a cause of sickness, as religion has always said.

This is what Hamer's enemies fear most:

That people will realise how important it is what we have inside, (in our soul), and people will start asking questions and searching (Oh, horror, they say), and stop being distracted by the latest dancing mobile phone, or the latest celebrity gossip.


Therefore we can say that in every emotionally caused illness there is always a conflict: with others or with ourselves, so many times we want contradictory things.

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