Who was Dr. Hamer and what he discovered

Dr. Hamer was a German radiologist, the most important physician of the last centuries.

Hamer discovered concentric circles in the CT scans of patients, like a bull's eye.

He easily ruled out that they were a defect of the device, because these circles appeared exactly in the same place even if the patient was placed in different positions; and the engineers of the companies manufacturing the devices corroborated this.

Each type of disease produces these circles in the same position. In other words, just by looking at the CT scan, you know which disease the patient is suffering from. It is not known how these circles are produced.

By interviewing patients with the same disease (and with the circles in the same position on the CT scan) he found that they all had the same kind of emotional shock.

In other words, Hamer's findings provide us with:

Not all illnesses have an emotional origin, but the most serious and common ones do.

In addition to the above he saw that illnesses are just an imbalance caused by a shock, and therefore disappear on their own when the person returns to balance, some time after the person overcomes that shock.

He saw that illnesses are like when we have a fright, we have tachycardia until we recover. Nobody goes to a cardiologist for having tachycardia in those cases because everyone understands what happened. Dr. Hamer helps us to understand what happened when we have other symptoms, which are equally the result of a fright but much more intense and longer lasting.

This is only a simple statement of his findings. In his books he explained the details of each disease.

It seems that the most modern CT scanners eliminate these forms.

He spent some time in prison and died a refugee outside the European Union, so just pronouncing his name can cause difficulties.

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