Hamer and salt water

In his " Note to Italians", at the end of page 7, Hamer talks about salt water baths as a therapy to use in cases of oliguria (less than 600 ml of urine per day).

Hamer also talks about this remedy in his book (brochure) Germanische Heilkunde Kurzinformation Das „Mini“ (*), in "Therapy for SYNDROME" he says:

"In cases where it is not easy or not fast enough to solve the existence conflict (or refugee or feeling alone), there are some symptomatic therapies that can transiently help the patient, while a real solution to his conflict is found. For example:


- A symptomatic aid to increase urine production is to take one or two daily salt water baths (0.9% salt per liter of water or 1 kg of salt in 99 liters of water) for one hour. The organism feels "as in the original sea" since at the time when our ancestors left the sea, it had a 0.9% saline solution."

But not just any salt can be used for bathing:

- water with refined salt is not the same as 0.9% seawater (isotonic)

- refined salt is a chemical for water softeners, not for men

- isotonic seawater (0.9% salt) is what René Quinton injected and what the health care system in France prescribed until 1980.

If there is no availability of seawater, water with sea salt or rock salt is a good substitute, however, it does not have all the properties of seawater. For example, only in isotonic diluted seawater do white blood cells live perfectly, as they proved in 2012, at the University of Alicante (Spain).

As a diuretic, seawater taken in any form is very effective.


This text is not in the first editions of the booklet. According to my information, Mrs. Germaine (therapist and former president of the Plural-21 association in Barcelona) suggested to Dr. Hamer to use seawater baths. Initially she did not succeed but then Dr. Hamer recognized that possibility and started to include it in the booklet, but we do not know why, instead of recommending sea water he recommends salt water, which is not as good as sea water.

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