Hamer and drugs

When the patient's life is in danger

In general, drugs act as "sympathicotonics", excitants, and therefore only make sense during the healing phase, in order to reduce their intensity, to lengthen it, so that it does not endanger the patient's life.

Hamer explains it this way on his website:

"Apart from drugs, narcotics and tranquilizers, there are two types of medications: s

  1. sympathicotonics, which increase stress, and

  2. vagotonics, which promote recovery.

The first group includes adrenaline and noradrenaline, hydrocortisone and other things like caffeine, tea, penicillin, digitalis and many others. In principle you can use any of them if you want to relieve the healing symptoms (with their vagotonia) and thus also reduce the cerebral edema (which is what produces the headache), which is basically a good idea, but in excess (in the case of "refugee syndrome") it is counterproductive.

The second group includes all sedatives and antispasmodics that increase vagotonia or reduce sympathicotonic stress."

Source: germanische-neue-medizin.de/medikationen-2

For artists

There are people who have to be in good health at an exact date and time. Because they are artists of a certain show (basket players, theater actors, singers, musicians,...), or because they are professionals with an important meeting, etc. In these cases it is very logical that if the patient is in the recovery phase (with its annoying symptoms), he should take all the necessary medication to alleviate those symptoms and to be able to fulfill his commitment, even if he has to "pay for it" with a longer recovery afterwards.

Artificial (pure) chemicals

Man transforms nature to varying degrees: when he makes a garden he is only selecting some plants and removing others, changing their location,.... when he cultivates food he intervenes more; when he makes fermented foods (bread, wine, cheese,...) he intervenes by providing bacteria. When he makes a chair he can use exclusively mechanical procedures (like the Japanese, who do not use nails or glue in some of their wooden constructions). And until the 19th century, only natural chemical products were used (glue, paint,...).

It is only in metallurgy (and gunpowder) that chemical reactions have been used for many centuries.

From the 19th century onwards, the manufacture and use of pure chemical products (sugar, refined salt, fertilizers, medicines, cosmetics, lubricants, fuels, explosives,...) expanded greatly.

In general, they are cheap to manufacture, so there is a large possible profit margin if the buyer is convinced that they are of some use to him ("with this perfume he will attract more men, with this product his eyelashes will grow, with this medicine he will be healthier,...").

We already know all the damage they have brought to many sectors: to agriculture (with artificial fertilizers or pesticides), to food and livestock (with additives and adulterations), to medicine, to war (explosives, poisons), synthetic drugs, ....

For 6,000 years our ancestors did not take pure chemical products (the purest was salt) and we are here. Does it not lead us to think that it is thanks to not having taken them that we have arrived here?

Examples of deception

Because of what we have said about their high profit, there are still people who manufacture and sell them deceiving the buyer, and thus, for example, sell fructose without saying that it is not a fruit concentrate, but manufactured from corn, through important chemical processes.

And given the complicated and invisible functioning of the body, medicine is a great opportunity for deception. Even if the sick person takes some substance that actually harms him, the sick person can always be blamed: that he took too little, or too much, or too late, or that he did something that rendered its effect useless, etc.

"90% of published research in medicine is false"

Source this article from a prestigious physician and professor at major universities around the world. How much more false will be what is only a commercial writing of a company!

Products against cancer

We know from Hamer, that all those taken during the recovery phase, will be successful as long as they do not interrupt the body's natural healing process. Even a glass of water!

Products against "pathogens", to "strengthen the immune system" ("prevent Covid")

From Hamer we know that bacteria and fungi are beneficial (and viruses are not proven to exist). Hamer explains it this way in that same article cited above :

"To those who still believe that the immune system can be strengthened (with drugs, for example), I can only say that they have not understood Germanic medicine."

Everyone who sells chemicals (or anything else: herbs) "against" cancer, "against" viruses, have the same "pathologist" medical approach as those who run the world: where there are little beings that are our enemies, they attack us, and we have to defend ourselves against them or exterminate them. All completely wrong, contrary to what Hamer and all the millenarian medicines explain.

Oxidizing products, antioxidants, to alkalize,...

The amount of oxygen in the blood or its acidity/alkalinity are only two parameters of the functioning of our body, and thanks to Hamer we know that many diseases are caused by shocks, not by some parameters of the blood. And that the evolution of these diseases depends mainly on the end of the stress phase and not to fall back into shock, not on the evolution of some parameters.

Besides, how much oxygen can we provide to the body in a pill? Other sellers talk about taking "antioxidants". What are we left with, and might there not be more important oxidation (or "reduction") mechanisms that we are ignoring?

Lemon (an acid) is widely recognized to alkalize the body, when it should be the other way around, because alkaline is the opposite of acid. How can we take "alkalinizers" when there are paradoxes like this that show us that the body is more complicated than the salesmen explain to us.

Other products

Food supplements

Magnesium chloride, Vitamin C,... maybe they are necessary because of the bad diet we have. But before depending on them permanently, I would try to apply the adage of ancestral medicines: "Let your food be your medicine". And spend more on quality foods that make supplements unnecessary.


The mouth and eyes are areas of the body unprotected by the skin, through which whatever we put on them penetrates more easily. Let's be careful of their ingredients (as well as toothpastes, mouthwashes, sun creams, etc.) (better to avoid them completely).

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