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Number alone can’t be used to decide the sickness!

Back in 1998, the Japanese Official Standard for high blood pressure was 160/95 mmHg. However, without any clear reason, the standard was lowered to 140/90. Based on the 1998 standards, the total number of blood pressure patients was 16,000,000. With the new standard, the number after that jumped up to 37,000,000.

Starting in 2008, for Metabolism checkup of the age group of 19 – 64, it was decided that those with the diabetic or kidney problems, then the blood pressure above 130/80 became the targets for treatment.

Ninety percent of the blood pressure causes were unknown. However, there were no data to support that lowering the BP standard for the Japanese decreasing the mortality rate or reducing the number of cardiovascular and stroke patients.

As people growing older, the aging process will stiffen the blood vessels, and the force to push the blood to the tips also reduced. In order to push the blood to the brain or the tips of our feet, the blood pressure is raised accordingly. Now, by using the medicine to lower the blood pressure, there is a possibility to cause dementia or limping.

There was a study in Finland to observe 512 men and women between 75 – 85 that were not using blood pressure lowering drugs. The finding was, for those above 80 with blood pressure over 180 has a higher survival rate, and those with 140 or below have a lower survival rate.

Even with that, Japan still considered that the people with BP over 130 are sick and need to take the blood pressure lowering drugs.


Who was Making Money When the Number was lowered?

Of course, the pharmaceutical companies were laughing all the way to their banks.

In 1998, the blood pressure medicines’ sales revenue was JY200 billions (200,000,000,000). In 2008, the sales surpassed JY1 trillions.

With the manipulation of the BP index, the sales jumped almost six times. The method seems to be very successful.

The other problem is, many of the panel members received a lot of monetary contributions from the pharmaceutical industries. For example, some of the members of the 2005 Japanese Metabolism Standard Panel which also covered the blood pressure guideline, were doctors from 11 State and Private Universities. During the three-year period from 2002 – 2004, they received a total contribution of JY 140 billions from the pharmaceutical companies that making the blood pressure medicine.

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