Sea water in the 1975 Vidal Dictionary (Vademecum in France)

Translated from the original French version.

Quinton® Isotonic(*), (Plasma de Quinton®)
Natural sea water. Injectable, drinkable ampoules for external use.
Quinton® plasma is available in two concentrations:
1st Isotonic: Quinton® Isotonic (Plasma de Quinton® *)
2nd Hypertonic: Quinton® Hypertonic (Duplase of Quinton® *).


An apyrogenic isotonic dilution of natural sea water (pH 7.2), prepared in a sterile medium, by special procedures without temperature increase, without metallic contact or electrical processes, in order to preserve in sea water its molecular balance and its "living medium" character.

It contains 92 known chemical elements and all trace elements.

The sea water is collected at a depth of 10 m (solar penetration zone) under conditions that ensure total guarantee of purity. Painless injections with very rapid absorption.


René Quinton demonstrated in 1904 that Quinton® Isotonic is physically, chemically and physiologically identical to our internal environment, which allows isolated cells (in particular red blood cells and leukocytes) and tissue fragments to live in the best conditions.
It is possible to replace the blood mass of an animal with Quinton® Isotonic without any problems for the organism.

Mode of action

1st Organic regeneration (gradual replacement of the existing, depleted or contaminated internal environment).
2nd Rebalancing (mineral supply, in assimilable form, by transmineralisation).
3º Recharging of trace elements, in their natural form; in this way, multiple reinforcing actions are exerted on each other (oligo-synergy).
4º Infinitesimal, homeopathic action of some of its elements.


1. Babies: Gastroenteritis, Toxicosis, Atrepsia, Anorexia, Eczema, Prenatal treatment, Premature babies.
Prenatal treatment, Premature babies.
2. Adults: anaemia, asthenia, stress, ageing problems, pregnancy vomiting, gastroenteritis, constipation, dysentery, Colibacillus diseases, pulmonary and external tuberculosis, sclerosis of plaques.
3. Gynaecology: infections and utero-vaginal congestion.
4. Ophthalmology-Otorhinolaryngology: coryza, rhinitis, sinusitis.
5. Dermatology: Eczema, Urticaria, Psoriasis, Pruritus. Fungus, infected dermatitis. Allergies.
6. Reconstitution of blood mass. Burns.
7. Resuscitation. Artificial feeding.
8. Favourable modification of the terrain.
9. Dissolves antibiotics.


The first injections may provoke a slight reaction with excitement or fever, without any seriousness.


Quinton® Isotonic is used:
1. In subcutaneous or intravenous injections.
2. Orally.
3. Externally (spray, compress or local baths).

General rules for treatment:
Very variable doses depending on the disease to be treated, but high doses are essential to obtain the "classic" results of Quinton® Isotonic.
except for toxicosis and severe diarrhoea - with small doses (2 injections of 10 ml, 2 injections of 20 ml), increase progressively (30, 50, 80, 100 ml) and perform a dozen or so injections with the highest dose compatible with good intestinal function.
Very high doses for a particular subject may cause a tendency to constipation.
Infants and children: subcutaneous injections under the shoulder blade.
Adults: subcutaneous injections in the buttock (outpatient treatment) - or intravenous injections.


Acute toxicosis: 200 ml in the morning and evening for one week. Then 200 ml per day for the following week.

Feeding can be resumed progressively one hour after the first injection (In case of vomiting, replace the milk with Quinton® Isotonic, diluted 1/3 in pure mineral water, until the milk is digested).

Diarrhoea, atrepsia: 6 injections of 10 ml, every other day. Continue with 6 injections of 30 ml, then 50 ml maximum.
Treatment for 15 days to several months.
Resume feeding from the start of treatment in small, large meals.

Prenatal treatment:
1st For the mother: vomiting during pregnancy.
2nd For the child: disappearance of physiological defects. Start from the beginning of pregnancy and continue as long as possible 3 to 4 injections of 20 ml per week. Increase the dose every 10 days up to a maximum of 200 ml and then move on to Quinton® Hypertonic.
Adult enteritis and constipation: Gradually return to a normal diet. 4 injections of 30 ml every 3 days, then 10 injections of 50 to 200 ml maximum.

Eczema, Urticaria, Allergy: Preferably, in small doses following the reaction of the patient.
Adults: 6 injections of 20 to 50 ml, every three days, then continue every second day.
Infants: 6 injections of 5 to 30 ml every three days, then every other day.
Local sprays.
Psoriasis: Start with low doses and increase rapidly to 100, 200 ml or more, then continue with Quinton® Hypertonic.
Local sprays and baths to accelerate whitening.
External tuberculosis: 3 injections of 30 ml every three days. Continue with 4 injections of 50 ml, then 10 injections of 100 ml.
Local compresses with Quinton® Isotonic.
Antibiotic solvent: Painless injections. Its slight alkalinity makes it particularly suitable for Streptomycin.

Babies: Digestive problems, Atrepsia: 1 ampoule of 10 ml, 1/4 h. before bottles 3 times a day.
Vomiting: Alternate a bottle of milk and a bottle of Quinton® Isotonic diluted 1/3 in pure mineral water, until the milk is digested.
Anorexia: 1 ampoule of 5 or 10 ml, 1/4 h. before bottles 3 or 4 times a day.
Adults: Digestive problems. Anorexia. Favourable modification of the terrain. Consolidation of injection treatment. Average doses: 1 ampoule of 20 ml, 1/4 h. before each meal.
The product should be held in the mouth for a few seconds before swallowing.

Eczema: Local sprays.
Psoriasis: Prolonged local sprays and baths to accelerate whitening.
External tuberculosis. Local compresses.
Burns, heat stroke: Compresses or sprays renewed as often as possible.
Otolaryngology: Rhinitis, sinusitis: 1 ampoule of 5 ml in each nostril 3 or 4 times a day.
Medicated sprays: Quinton® Isotonic, Quinton® Hypertonic.
Climatic sprays: Quinton® Hypertonic.

Presentation and price

Injectable, drinkable ampoules, for external use.
Ampoules 5 ml Box of 6: 1.65; Ampoules 10 ml Box of 6: 2.50; Ampoules 20 ml Box of 6:
3,60; Ampoules 30 ml Box of 3 - 2,70; Ampoules 50 ml Box of 1 - 3,25; Ampoules 100 ml Box of 1 - 3,85. Box of 1: 3.85.

Reimbursable by Social Security. Collectivite, A.M.G., agreed by the A.P. Visa: NL 5.735.

Laboratoires Quinton® (*): 20, Av. Andre-Danglade-PESSAC, pres Bordeaux (Tel:
45-25-50 to Bordeaux).
Commercial Address: 4, rue Barrault- PARIS (XlIIeme) (Tel.: 707-74-72).

(* N.T.: The current name is Quinton® Isotonic and Quinton® Hypertonic, now Laboratoires Quinton® International www.quinton.es )

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In Spain you can buy sea water at cheap price at any diet store and some supermarkets. Examples: this diet store, this pharmacy (at higher price), this supermarket.

There is also an organic bakery making bread with sea water and sells it too.

There are 5 companies bottling and selling sea water because there is a lot of people drinking sea water on a daily basis.

If you at your country become a critical mass of people interested in sea water, companies offering it will arise.

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