"Island / continent of plastic" is a lie

The lie of the "island of plastics"

There is no "island of plastics the size of Texas"

"Is there really a 'Texas-sized island' of plastic in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? No, the plastic island in the North Pacific Gyre doesn't actually exist. We’ve now been there five times!"

Source: 5gyres.org (website of half truth mixed with half lies that scientists unmask a little further down in this article)

Interview (in Spanish) with one of its founders saying:

“How much plastic is there (in the oceans)? (...) There is more and more plastic accumulated in the oceans. "

But scientists say otherwise (as you can read below).

“Why have we invented these plastic islands? Wasn't reality negative enough?

The image of a large garbage patch was born out of the media and sensationalism. A scientist spoke of a contaminated area the size of Texas. Another scientist pointed to the existence of areas in the oceans where garbage accumulated. The media put the two ideas together and said, 'We have a plastic island the size of Texas in the middle of the ocean.' You can walk on it or buy a house there. And they illustrated it with photos of garbage in rivers or coastal areas. "

Source: here.

Obviously not "plastic continent" cited by wikipedia.

Yes, concentration of waste in some places:

In the following articles, only one image shows a large area (the size of some football fields?) In the sea. The other images are taken up close, they are not panoramic photos that allow us to appreciate the size.

First article.

Second article (from the "plastic island" you can guess the limit on the left, and size ...?)

99% of the plastics thrown into the sea are missing

Scientists find (with surprise) that 99% of plastic pollution is missing in the sea:

We are increasingly throwing more plastics into the sea, but the amount of garbage there is is the same as 22 years ago.

In other words: something is removing plastics from the surface of the sea. That "something" is a very strong agent to remove so much plastic.

Now they think that the plastics may be eaten by fish discovered deep down and that come up every night to eat at the surface. They are so abundant that it is the most abundant animal on the planet and multiplies the total marine biomass by 30. Source here, here, and here.

They will tell us that the plastic will be found at the bottom of the oceans, along with the skeletons of dead fish.

Then the scientists will be surprised that it is not at the bottom of the sea either and they will look for another agent that removes the plastic from the seabed at such speed, ...


There is another article talking about the self-cleaning power of the sea.

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As you can see, on 6/14/2024 I've added many articles.

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