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The narrator is the author of the book "Drinking sea water". We have found no evidence that the story is by any famous author.


Once upon a time all the feelings and qualities of men were gathered in one place on Earth.

When boredom had yawned for the third time, craziness, as always so crazy, proposed to them:

shall we play hide and seek?

Intrigue raised an intrigued eyebrow and curiosity, unable to contain herself, asked:

Hide and seek? and how is that?

It's a game, explained craziness, where i cover my face and start counting from one to a million while you hide, and when i've finished counting i'll start looking for you. the first one i find will take my place to continue the game.

Enthusiasm danced seconded by euphoria. Joy made so many leaps that it ended up convincing doubt, and even apathy, who never cared about anything.

but not everyone wanted to participate.

Truth preferred not to hide (what for, if in the end they always found it?), and arrogance thought it was a very silly game (deep down what bothered her was that the idea had not been his), and cobardy preferred not to take any risks...

one, two, three... - craziness began to count.

The first to hide was laziness, which, as always, let itself fall behind the first stone on the path. Faith climbed to the sky, and envy hid behind the shadow of triumph, which with its own effort had managed to climb to the top of the tallest tree.

Generosity could hardly hide; every place it found seemed marvellous for one of its friends: a crystal clear lake, ideal for beauty; the bottom of a tree, perfect for intimacy; the flight of a butterfly, the best for voluptuosity; a gust of wind, magnificent for freedom.

So it ended up hiding in a ray of sunshine.

Egoism, on the other hand, found a very good place from the beginning, airy, comfortable... but only for himself. Lie hid at the bottom of the oceans (a lie, it actually hid behind the rainbow), and passion and desire in the centre of volcanoes.

The forgottenness... ? i have forgotten where it hid!....

when craziness counted 999,999, love still hadn't found a place to hide, because everything was busy, until it spotted a rose bush and, moved, decided to hide among its flowers.

"A million!" said craziness and began to search.

the first to appear was laziness, only three steps away from the stone.
then he heard faith singing to God in the sky.
And passion and desire he felt in the vibration of the volcanoes.
in an oversight he found envy and, of course, he could deduce where triumph was.
He didn't even have to look for egoism; he flew out of his hiding place, which had turned out to be a wasp's nest.
From so much walking she felt thirsty and, on approaching the lake, she discovered beauty.
And with doubt it was even easier, for she found her sitting on a fence, not yet deciding which side to hide on.

That's how she found everyone:

But love was nowhere to be found.

craziness searched behind every tree, under every stream on the planet, on the top of the mountains and, just as she was about to give up, she spotted a rose bush and roses...

and she picked up a pitchfork and began to move the bunches, when suddenly there was a cry of pain. the thorns had wounded love in the eyes.

craziness didn't know what to do to apologise; she cried, begged, implored and even promised to be her guide.

since then, since the first game of hide-and-seek on earth,

love is blind

and craziness always accompanies him.


Madness accompanies love but does not guide it.
Love is drawn bigger (important) than madness.
If our love has nothing of madness in it, perhaps it is not true love.
Love seems to indicate with his left hand where to go. He is seen, in spite of his blindness, with a confident walk.
Love goes cheerfully. If we love in pain, ... we will not do so well, nor does it profit us, ... (let us give alms, but with joy).
Love is blind, but not deaf to good advice. As he is blind, he cannot be dazzled and thus easily deceived.
Selfishness also blinds us, and makes us deaf to good advice.
How curious that many wise men (Chinese) in stories are old and blind!
Love is a feeling that comes from the will, that is why in the Spanish language it is equivalent to say "I want you" to say "I love you".
When we are with another person, apart from seeing how she is in material terms (tall, short, blonde, brunette,...) we have to look above all at what we cannot see: what she has in her head and heart, what moves her, how she thinks,... Or when we look at a car. If we only see the external shape we know little about it. If we know what engine it has we will know what we can expect from it: how fast it will run, how much petrol it uses, etc.

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