"Brain death" is not death

Doctors still don't know when someone is dead

Even with "brain death" there are people who come back to life, as this news story tells.

In the US Department of Health website there is an article saying:

Brain death was introduced as human death on the assumption of its equivalency with biological death. Over the past 50 years, empirical knowledge has proven that this assumption is false.” Neuroscience and Brain Death Controversies: The Elephant in the Room. Source.

Why say "no" to organ transplantation or donation

Because they are taken from people who are only "brain dead".

This article gives very good information about the details (in Italian).

Extract (not suitable for sensitive people):

"You have not been told that the removal of organs such as the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, etc., is done from people in coma, with assisted respiration, and not from a person in cardiac and respiratory arrest as we all believe. The scalpel cuts the person while their heart is beating, blood is circulating, the body is pink and warm, they are urinating, they can move legs, arms, trunk, etc. Even pregnant women carry on with their pregnancy. It is not true that first the assisted ventilation is interrupted and then, with the heart and breathing stopped for 20 minutes, the removal of the organ is started, but just the other way round. The person who has lost consciousness, declared by the medical authority to be "brain dead", is given paralysing drugs or anaesthetics to prevent possible reactions to the suffering caused by the removal of the organs. " Source.

In this surgeons' document, on page 155, it explains the "anaesthetic technique" during extractions. Anaesthesia? But isn't he dead?

In this article, a doctor, editor of several medical journals, says that "brain death is a fiction".

Law, with article 10 explaining what you have to do to refuse to donate (in Spain).

Here you can see that organs are first removed and then sent for autopsy (if applicable).

In the 20th century, only putrefaction was considered to be a sure sign of death

Doctors consider that all these symptoms can erroneously indicate death. Only the last one is irrefutable proof of death:

Source: Theology of Salvation. Royo Marín. p. 271.

"In forensic medicine only one definitive proof of real death is admitted: putrefaction. As long as the corpse does not begin to decompose, we cannot have a scientific and absolute certainty that it is really dead. But when it begins to decompose, when putrefaction begins, real death is very certain, scientifically certain". The mystery of the afterlife. Royo Marín. p. 127.

Other "resurrections"

In addition to the above "brain death" story, there are many news stories that show facts that medicine cannot explain, such as that the brain can maintain its functions even without blood supply, and, once consciousness returns, people have not lost their faculties:

Florida woman survives after 45 minutes without a pulse

"Despite 45 minutes without a pulse, the woman suffered no brain damage". Doctors were about to pronounce death (...) when a beep on a monitor indicated a heartbeat ( La Vanguardia.es)

Old woman wakes up in morgue after spending 11 hours in a refrigerator

(There was no pulse in the carotid or forearm, no respiration. No pupillary reflex.) ( ABC.es)

Chinese baby wakes up crying as he was about to be cremated

After being pronounced dead and spending 15 hours in the morgue at -12ºC, a baby in China woke up as he was about to be cremated. Mortuary staff heard the little boy sobbing ( ABC.es, DailyMail).

Six-hour cardiac arrest and recovers without brain damage ( ABC.es)

Three doctors pronounced prisoner dead after he was "resuscitated" before autopsy

"The two doctors who were in the facilities, both with more than thirty years of professional experience, certified his death, as did the forensic doctor of the judicial commission that went to Villabona" "the person remains without apparent vital signs for a long period of time" ( ABC.es) (no apparent brain damage).

Hamer, in his books, explains some cases in which these situations can occur.

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As you can see, on 6/14/2024 I've added many articles.

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