Malaria is the flu

This is what a doctor living in a malaria-endemic area asserts, and he practises it with his family and himself.

Besides, it is quite reasonable what he says, because when two diseases have the same symptoms and treatment, the most logical thing is to think that they are the same.

Objection: What about all that official medicine says about the mosquito's fault?

Let's remember what Dr. Gérvas (professor in several famous universities) said: "90% of the published research in medicine is false". ( Source).

And if we correctly interpret its symptoms (according to Dr. Hamer's findings) we know that it is a process of recovery, because they are all symptoms of the healing phase. And therefore, as in any phase of recovery, it is only necessary to intervene with drugs in rare, serious cases, in which the patient's life is in danger.

Below is the index and prologue of the book "A la découverte de l'utilité du paludisme", by Dr. Bahié. It can be acquired in several places. To find them, you can search for the title on the Internet (price 75 €).

Book: "A la découverte de l'utilité du paludisme" (discover the usefulness of malaria)


Dr. Richard Péguy Bahié was born on 12-10-55 to a father and mother who were ploughmen. He was the only son in a family of five children. Shy and quiet, he received his education from a tough mother who forged him into what he is today. Today, he is Africa's pioneer and only professional hygienist, and the author of several books on health through food.

Back cover

Through this breviary, I'd like to make the whole world, and especially the people of the tropics, understand that malaria is nothing dangerous. After all, malaria is nothing more than a set of defensive reactions by the body. On the contrary, malaria is a great tool with which the human body rids itself of toxic substances emanating from conceptual food, medicines and so on. In other words, anything that alters the body's nervous energy. Respecting the course of the malaria defense reactions is a salvation. The living organism needs it to cleanse itself. Under conditions of nutrition not specific to the human race, a human organism that is no longer capable of creating malaria is a dead body. It is an organism that has lost all defensive capacity and is left to fend for itself. The population of the tropical zone urgently needs to know that malaria has nothing to do with the mosquito, or that the mosquito is not the cause of malaria. The human body uses malaria to regain its health, which has been threatened by chemo-culinary poisons.

Contents and preamble

Part One

Chapter 1 What is malaria?

Chapter 2 Possible symptoms of malaria

Chapter 3 Malaria, another gift from God

Chapter 4 Causes of malaria

Chapter 5 Other aggravating factors

Chapter 6 Why two kinds of malaria

Chapter 7 Fighting malaria

Chapter 8 The poor mosquito

Chapter 9 Mosquito phobia is ridiculous

Chapter 10 People in tropical countries are still afraid of mosquitoes

Chapter 11 The healing power

Chapter 12 The only cure for malaria

Chapter 13 An immutable conviction

Chapter 14 When ignorance wreaks havoc

Chapter 15 Without falsehoods

Part Two

A- An awakening of conscience. A world left to its own devices.

B- From discourse to practice

C- Malaria: the various cases

D- Let's be clear.

E- Health is a reflection of humoral purity, not of the vaccine.

Part Three

F- In the service of life

G- The risks of artificial suppression

H- Factors leading to fatal complications

I- Vaccination: an illusion of profit against health and life

Part four

J- Malaria: an unsolvable scourge?

K- The power of the human body

L- Malaria, a test of intellectual capacity

M- Malaria eradication


It's better to try to understand than to believe blindfolded and with your ears plugged. This logic doesn't appeal to people in the tropics.

They prefer to believe; it's easier: understanding requires effort.

That's why everyone makes up whatever they can, presenting it to them as an angel from heaven. They put all their faith into it and hold on tightly.

They learn by heart and recite all the ridiculous things on which they base their whole existence, waiting for heaven to send them the great happiness until the misery caused by malaria takes them away.

Everything is done to put them to sleep as much as possible.

It's a revolutionary vision of malaria that I'm delighted to propose to the general public, for the good of these populations.

This book is the fruit of years of painstaking work: practical experiments on human subjects. The first guinea pigs in this work are my family: my children, my wife and myself, with a great deal of patience.

Find out in this book how vital hygiene presents an alternative approach of rare effectiveness and offers simple, practical solutions to the problem of malaria.

Usual medicines don't solve the problem of malaria, but camouflage and displace it: they don't cure it permanently, but simply mask the symptoms.

* What are the real causes of malaria?

* Should we continue to blame the mosquito?

* What are the best natural treatments for vital hygiene?

This work answers these questions. Statistics and promises with trumpets and fanfare are not the solution to the problem.

So for the human body, malaria is a drug that it voluntarily releases for its own survival and well-being. If you treat a "drug" with a drug, you'll reap nothing but desolation.

Believe me, the human body will not follow you in anything that goes against its will.

If you treat malaria, either the subject dies suddenly, because you acted against the body's will, as is more often the case, and health professionals are not spared, or the subject, whose vital resistance is still good, gets away with cancer or another chronic disease, which the intelligent living body would like to get rid of if you let it, because only it is sufficiently qualified to restore itself to health.

Not a single malaria symptom is life-threatening

The dangerousness of malaria spread by the public, and continually propagated by rumors, is never proven in a book sold in bookshops, with demonstrations based on physiology.

We will never be told the truth about malaria... We should expect nothing from the world's scientific community. Rumors will always be kept alive. It's up to us to open our own eyes, not borrowed ones.

Honor the lie

* God created mankind in total truth and sincerity. Unfortunately, the majority of all human beings suffer from lies, ignorance and blind belief, because they do not seek to know the truth.

It's true that for most of these people, everything that happens is the truth. But when you don't get the result you're looking for, you think again and ask questions. This majority of the population thrives on lies, which it acclaims. They never question whether what is said and practised about malaria is true. They consume all the derivatives of the criminal lie without a second thought.

* Good to know. The same practice always gives the same result

No one stops to wonder if we're on the right track, and we think we have to do what everyone else is doing to be fashionable and not look ridiculous. As a result, those who exploit the lie bathe daily in opulence.

Chapter 1: What is malaria?


Malaria is the set of organic defense reactions that the human organism of an individual in the tropical zone creates to rid itself, at a given moment, of accumulated abnormal matter.

In this respect, malaria is the most useful "disease", because it contains within itself several useful "diseases", i.e. several manifestations of self-purification. The body decides to cleanse itself at the same time, using several possible routes.

We can no longer be content with the preconceived notion that the mosquito is the cause of malaria.

The time has come for us to row against the tide for our sole salvation.

The fight against malaria is a serious mistake. It would be more worthy to fight against single-mindedness, inferiority complex, blind trust, ignorance, etc. etc.

With everyone so convinced that it's the mosquito that gives malaria, nobody wants to look the other way.

And yet people continue to die (one every 30 seconds) in spite of campaigns of all kinds organized here and there against mosquitoes.

On everyone's lips, it's: mosquito = malaria and cure = medicine.

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