No check-ups, no health screenings, no (usually excessive) medical treatments

(No mammograms, no breast self-examination, no vaccinations, no cancer surgery, no chemo, no radio, ...)

(Risks and dangers of donating blood, getting "check-ups" or going to a hospital, even an emergency room)

At the end there are excerpts from articles about Dr. Kondo Makoto (best seller in Japan in 2013) recommending not to have early cancer screening checkups or undergo chemo, radio or surgery (in 90% of cases). The doctor has died in 2022, suddenly, while on his way to work, aged 73 (RIP). According to this study, his books were the cause of the fact that in Japan cancer checkups were half as frequent as in other countries.

See all the articles by Dr. Juan Gérvas (former professor at several universities) in this website (The site ActaSanitaria.com no longer exists, it can only be accessed through archive.org, indicating the desired link). See his excellent curriculum vitae here. (Attention: he does not know Hamer's discoveries. If he knew them he would understand why cancers appear and how harmful and useless its conventional treatments are).

Selected articles of his:

"Millions of women are treated as breast cancer patients falsely, by overdiagnosis, because of scientific medicine."

(overdiagnosis is when we are told that we have something and it is not true).

(If Dr. Juan Gérvas knew Dr. Hamer's discoveries, he would understand that even correct diagnoses have to be approached in a completely different way, with expectations of evolution completely opposite to the usual).

"Millions of incontinent and impotent males due to urologists' treatments by falsely attributing prostate cancers to them, due to overdiagnosis." (Source: incontinent due to false PSA prostate cancers... )

"90% of published research in medicine is false." (Source: medicine as science ...)

"Doing breast self-examination is harmful" (Source: harmful breast self-examination)

Cervical cytology? No thanks (Source: cervical cytology harmful)

Mammography? No, thank you. Mammography adds nothing good to a woman's life. (Source: mammography no thanks)

Flu vaccine? No, not at all. (Source: never get a flu shot)

Early diagnosis of ovarian cancer seriously harms health. Say no to ovarian cancer screening (Source: useless and harmful early diagnosis).

Talking about computer records and their consultation for extra-medical reasons:

"To avoid such gossip, which is criminal, the authorities and popular figures are treated without electronic medical records and without leaving a trace." (Source: the patient ...)

Donating blood

When we donate blood, they routinely do an "AIDS test" on the blood collected. With this, the only thing we get is to run the risk of being told that "we are HIV positive" and that, if we do not know the truth about AIDS, we will get a big scare.

In addition:

Organ donation

"A group of scientists succeeds in defining what 'being dead' really means" Source: ABC 2019.

The title does not match the content and shows just the opposite: believe it or not, it is not clear when someone is dead. The article ends with the sentence, "a subset of organ donors, those whose death is declared five minutes after the onset of pulselessness, are not dead because it's situation could be reversed with medical intervention."

There are "brain dead" people who live with devices for a long time or even complete their gestation: "A baby is born to a woman who had been brain dead for 15 weeks" ( Source ABC).

Getting check-ups

Let's go for a check-up, they are free! (It is paid by the mutual insurance company, the Social Security,...)


In the check-ups, we undergo analyses that give results that compare with a norm of what the doctors consider "healthy" or "indicates a disease" but:

The results of the analysis are not like the flowers in the garden: "this one is higher, so I cut it; this one is lower, so I put fertilizer on it".

The results, our whole body, are related. We cannot "touch" only one thing and not have the others suffer:

If in a school we operate on the tallest ones to shorten their legs, we will get them to have "normal" height, use "normal" size beds, etc. but we will be left without basketball team.

(We call "check-ups" not only blood tests or X-rays, but also tests to "detect" colon cancer, mammograms for breast cancer, PSA for prostate,...).

Exception: the eyes

From Hamer we know that, in general, all striking, annoying symptoms in the body are symptoms of a repair phase: itching, inflammation, fever, mucus,...

This is also true in the case of the eyes but,... even if Hamer said that we are in the reparation phase:

  1. Hamer may have been wrong or we may be misapplying to ourselves what Hamer says.

  2. The repair phase can be so long, painful and difficult to complete that it is not convenient to "let the body do", and we must intervene.

For example: Hamer says that retinal detachments occur in both eyes at the same time. This is false or not what usually happens. He also says that they are "temporary, positive healing symptoms that go away on their own". This may be true in some cases, but the consequences of this not being true in our case are important.

Recommendation: at the first abnormal symptom in the eyes (not myopia or things like that)... go quickly to the doctor. Or have regular check-ups.


A Dr. expelled from Social Security in Spain for informing patients. She explains the harm of vaccines, in particular hepatitis-B; she reports how newborns are vaccinated without information or parental consent,...

Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD in immunology from Rockefeller University in New York, with post-graduate work at Harvard University, explains that in Canada there was a measles epidemic that affected many vaccinated people and that, therefore, the unvaccinated do not represent any danger to others. That there are diseases that can be acquired even if one is vaccinated against them. That this was not explained to him in his immunology doctorate, despite being a published fact. Source: this article and this video.

Dr. China Brandolino explains in these videos how vaccines are used in Argentina (and other countries) to make people sick (autism,...) or to sterilize the population.

Full video (audio only)

Extract (video) of the previous one where she explains how women are sterilized with a vaccine in childhood.

His denunciation is much more serious than that of Dr. Juan Gérvas who warns against some vaccines:

"There are vaccines and vaccines. There are "systematic" essential vaccines (diphtheria, mumps, polio, rubella, measles, tetanus, pertussis) and "occasional" ones (hepatitis, yellow fever and rabies, among others). And there are superfluous vaccines, some unnecessary and others, moreover, 'risky'." Source: El Mirador: Acta Sanitaria

Dr. reports not only how unnecessary vaccines are (rubella), but also that they serve to inoculate people with the most varied things.

Giving birth in a hospital

It has the same risks as "having a check-up" aggravated by the emotional alteration of the moment and because we are in a place dominated by official "medicine".

Measuring techniques to detect measurements of the baby outside the range considered normal are advancing a lot and the understanding of the human body is also decreasing a lot, so it is to be expected that more and more diagnoses of "diseases" will be made at birth.

See also what is said in the "vaccines" section about vaccination at birth.

Going to the emergency room

"Going to the emergency room is entering a very dangerous labyrinth, almost the most dangerous labyrinth in the health system." (Source: Dr. Juan Gérvas )


(Obviously all this does not refer to when someone who has just had an accident is taken to the emergency room).

Always go to the doctor accompanied

It is very convenient to always go to the doctor with another person. There are times when doctors ask patients to make quick decisions. If we go two people, then we will be two people thinking and we will make a better decision. Slowness in these cases is a quality. "Haste is a bad advisor".

"It should be clear to the patient that there are many 'expert' doctors who use their credit to inject fear into the population, so that many healthy people go to the doctor and become patients. The healthy person transformed into a worried healthy person, or even an imaginary sick person, comes into contact with the doctor and becomes a patient.

Being a patient has benefits when the physician is competent, honest and prudent. In other cases it can cause serious damage by opening the gates of the health hell of over-testing and over-treatment, what we call the "cascade effect", which drags the patient from being healthy even to the cemetery." (Article by Dr. Gérvas)

Not going to the doctor

It can happen to us as it happened to this woman when the doctor sent the police to her house to force her to have an operation (to force the childbirth). Source: this newspaper).

Do not undergo surgery without unavoidable reason

There are times when there is no choice but to have surgery. But if we are not in one of them and we have other options, although perhaps less attractive, it is better not to have surgery. For example: to have eye surgery so as not to wear glasses. There is an association of people affected by these operations with the denunciation of a witness of how these operations were fraudulently approved by the FDA.

What Dr. Kondo Makoto recommended (he did not know Hamer)

(avoid chemo, radio and surgery to treat cancer).

He warned of the errors of official medicine (and therefore recommended to avoid it in 90% of cases), but he was halfway there, not knowing why cancers occur and, consequently, what the patient has to do to be cured (Hamer's discoveries).

Below is a selection of articles about Dr. Makoto, who published more than 20 books and tens of millions of books sold in Japan.

Dr. Kondo Makoto Article 1

Doctor Kondo Makoto An official Japanese publication (see quote below) says:

In Japan, the best-selling book in 2013 was one by Dr. Makoto Makoto ("47 Reasons to Stop a Doctor from Killing Us"):

"A doctor specializing in radiological treatment of cancer at the hospital of a famous private university says that it is necessary for patients to stay away from treatment and medication performed in hospitals if they want to live a long and healthy life. A stimulating book that rejects the hitherto accepted views."

Article 2

In a summary of a Japanese medical publication we can read:

"Dr. Makoto Kondo, a radiologist at Keio University, suggests that we should not fight cancer since:

  1. Early detection of cancer is of no use.

  2. Cancer is divided into two categories: true cancer and pseudo-cancer. The former is very likely to be invasive and has already reached that stage by the time it is detected in early detection tests. The second is non-invasive and therefore, patients do not need to receive any medical treatment except for the appearance of certain symptoms.

Dr. Kondo underlines the evidence provided by medicine and informs us of the poor foundation on which it is based.

It should be emphasized that he came to this conclusion after deep reflection on the results in relation to cancer (...) He also discourages patients who believe that early cancer screening or treatment is effective."

Article 3

In an article on japantoday.com we can read (in parentheses explanations to the article):

"Dr. Kondo's public notoriety comes from being the author of a series of record-selling books that all repeat: 'Say NO to cancer treatment.' Neither surgical removal, nor radiotherapy, nor chemotherapy. Even if those treatments do extend the lives of cancer patients -which they often don't- such treatments are so painful, debilitating and invasive, he says, that they make the cure worse than the disease. Cancer is not necessarily fatal and can sometimes be lived with.

Officialist doctors scorn him, but the public, judging by the large sales figures of his books, is at the very least willing to listen to him."

(Dr. recommends the same for cancers in animals, which he himself had in one of his pets: "Treatment? Never.")

"The best thing to do is nothing," says Dr. Kondo (neither for people nor for animals).

He claims that all tests (CT's, MRI's, endoscopies,...) and treatments are "a fiction".

There is a comment from readers that states:

"He is not as extremist as the article suggests. According to his books, he has researched which cancers can be treated with positive results, which ones do not improve with intensive treatment and which ones we will survive a little longer and with less pain without intensive therapy. He recommends treatment in the first case. What he criticizes is that most doctors prescribe everything available even when it is useless. And recently, the tendency is to increase for checkups using the most modern technologies, so that when they find something that might one day be suspicious, they treat it "just in case" and chain the person to a course of anti-cancer drugs for the rest of his or her life. But because it is ineffective, the mortality rate does not go down. For example with prostate cancer they have done more early operations and many men have become impotent afterwards, but they have not lived longer. And in Japan, not only do the patients not receive any health improvement, but they pay a lot (30% of a cancer treatment can ruin a family) and the social security pays a lot as well.

Article 4

Another website (with pretty bad English) states:

"Chemotherapy can cure leukemia, malignant lymphomas, testicular and uterine cancer; and these cancers are only 10% of all cancers."

Too bad

Too bad he did not know Hamer's discoveries, because then he would understand the evolution of cancers:

The doctor

(more than 40 years practiced as a radiologist)


Link to one of his books translated into Chinese.


Excerpt from the official Japanese publication ( full text here):

"Trends in bestsellers.

According to an announcement by Tohan Corp, one of the top two publishing distributors in Japan, the top 10 bestsellers, in all genres except manga, in Japan in 2013 (...) were as follows.

Isha ni korosarenai 47 no kokoroe (47 thoughts on how not to be killed by a doctor), by Kondo Makoto, published by Ascom at ¥1,555 including tax (other titles the same).

A doctor specializing in the radiological treatment of cancer at a famous private university hospital explains that it is necessary for patients to distance themselves from the treatment and medicaments provided by hospitals if they want to live a long and healthy life. A stimulating book which rejects hitherto accepted conventional views."

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As you can see, on 6/14/2024 I've added many articles.

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