How each type of medicine harms us

Information from Mª Teresa Morera. Graduate in pharmacy; naturopath, reflexotherapy and chiromassage.

Interview (in Spanish) where she reviews the most frequent medicines

interview with Teresa Morera
"Medication is the main health problem"

The Spanish version of the book "Drinking sea water" appears in the upper margin of the photo, in the centre.

Index of topics covered (hour : minute)

0 Introduction

6 Toxicology

8 Dogmatisation of the faculty of pharmacy

16 The deception of medicines for the 3rd World

21 Iatrogenesis, the 3rd cause of death in the world (as a consequence of correctly administered treatments)

28 The cholesterol scam and the toxicity of statin drugs

35 Omeprazole, the most prescribed medicine in Spain

46 Anti-inflammatory drugs

47 Antibiotics

53 Vaccines

57 Analgesics

59 Antipsychotics

1 : 8 Autism

1 : 9 Antihistamines

1 : 12 Antihypertensives

1 : 18 Alternatives and advice. Here, Teresa Morera talks about the convenience of drinking sea water. In addition, sea water is the most natural source of magnesium.

Notes from a previous lecture by Mª Teresa Morera

(Notes taken during the event which do not include everything that was said and may contain errors).

Statins to lower cholesterol

High cholesterol does not cause heart or circulatory diseases. Cholesterol is necessary during pregnancy or for wound healing. It tends to rise, as does blood pressure, in times of stress. (If we take statins, wounds from accidents or operations will not heal properly). Statins impede cell regeneration, reduce physical vitality. They make us look older, turn hair grey, cause impotence, frigidity, and diminish the musculature, including that of the heart.

Anti-inflammatory drugs

Destroy the stomach lining (cause stomach pain). Decrease kidney function (cause fluid retention).

Bisphosphonates to prevent bone decalcification

(As a result of a diagnosis of "osteoporosis", after a "densitometry") Make the bones denser but more fragile. Also necrosis of the jawbone.


The patient "switches off", becomes depressed. Increasingly higher doses are necessary. If these drugs are suddenly stopped, the blood pressure rises sharply. They are the most difficult drugs to stop taking because of their physiological addiction (the body gets used to them).

Information in addition to the lecture:


It leads to the certain death of the patient within a few days because it paralyses the intestine. Theoretically it is an exceptional remedy for otherwise uncontrollable pain, but in practice it seems to be used prematurely and indiscriminately.

The contraceptive pill

According to Hamer, the illness that causes each type of psychic shock depends (in some cases) on our sex (male/female), our laterality (whether we are right or left-handed) and our hormonal status. When a woman is taking "the pill", she will somatise the psychic traumas as if she were a man, i.e. she will have the illness that a man would have in her place, instead of the illness that she would have as a woman.


Often used for skin problems. Since skin problems (itching) appear in the recovery phase and cortisone reduces or completely suspends the recovery and promotes the stress of the sick person, its use favours the fact that we never recover, because we are relapsing (with the help of cortisone) in the stress phase (stress not only provoked by cortisone, but by some vital problem that we have, but which cortisone accentuates).

Hamer uses cortisone to reduce the intensity (and lengthen the duration) of the recovery phase when there is a risk that it will deplete the patient's energy (and death). In the video presentation of the book "Drinking sea water" on youtube (8 minutes) there is an explanation with a story of a grandfather walking the Camino de Santiago.

Freeing oneself from taking medication is not always easy

It seems that there are medicines that, depending on which people, once they start taking them, they cannot stop taking them without putting their lives at serious risk. Somehow, the body becomes totally dependent on the medication.

A true saying from an elderly pharmacist to his pharmacist children: (in Catalan) "Els medicaments son per vendre, no per pendre" ("Medicines are to be sold, not to be consumed").

In Spain there is a convent of nuns (Poor Clares) who have declared that there is no pope since Pius XII. As a result, their "bishop" has stolen their bank accounts and is trying to expel them from their monasteries. He says they had less than 6,000 euros. (Even more shameful act, for stealing good poor nuns of what little money they had. They are poor: they had to mortgage one of their monasteries). They ask for support (money, materials or diffusion of their situation). Their website is tehagoluz.com and their Instagram account.

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