Examples of side effects we may have when we start taking sea water

Here are some examples of what can happen when you start taking sea water.

The complete list of what can happen is simply everything that Dr. Hamer explained that are the symptoms of the healing phase of the diseases, because sea water helps us to enter that phase. Stress (1), recovery (2).

sea water effect If we know what Hamer said we will be happy to have these symptoms, if we do not know it, we do not interpret them well.

Side effects in the Vidal dictionary

Already the French medical vade mecum, speaking of "Plasma de Quinton" (isotonic sea water) warned:

"The first injections may provoke a slight reaction of excitement or fever, without any seriousness".

From Hamer we know that fever is always a symptom that we are in the healing phase.

Cases read on the internet

"I started consuming sea water on March 1, and around the 15th I came down with pneumonia with a high fever. Could this be due to a healing process?

Pneumonia is a symptom of the recovery phase.

"Yesterday I started drinking sea water, collected directly from the beach. Today I had so much pain in my body that it was hard to get out of bed - could it be because I started drinking sea water?"

Generalized bone pain is often also a symptom of healing. It occurs when bones recalcify from previous decalcification.

"I started drinking the water mixed with regular water (5 and 2 of sea water) and I have a headache and today I vomited after eating a cutlet. Is this normal at first?"

Headaches are also a symptom of healing from past stress.

"I was drinking water 5 months ago in the ratio 2 parts sea to 5 parts plain water. I got kidney nephritic colic. Now I am worried, because I was doing well. Now I hesitate to continue taking it or not."

Colic is also a symptom of healing. Not serious in healthy people, dangerous in very weak or very old people.

Cases collected orally by the author

Maria: I was taking 250 cc a day because my yoga teacher recommended it. One night my blood pressure dropped so low that I fainted. My husband took my blood pressure and it was 4.

Author: Did you have a stress phase before?

Maria: Yes, I did.

The sea water helped her go from the stress phase to the recovery phase, and in this phase we have lower blood pressure.

(Maria stopped drinking sea water. Maybe if she learned what Hamer says she would understand what is happening to her and would know how to benefit from sea water).

"When we come to the sea we all feel like sleeping a lot."

"I have stopped drinking sea water because these days I have a lot of work and drinking it left me feeling dejected."

Tiredness, the desire to sleep, to rest, are symptoms of recovery.

"Margarita, from inland, went to the coast with friends (vacations, summer, good company, good food, breathing the sea air, bathing,.... all this favors the body to enter the recovery phase), and upon returning home she was diagnosed with rectal colon cancer."

Rectal colon cancer is a symptom of the recovery phase (be careful, because sometimes it is diagnosed as rectal colon cancer which is really in the colon and then the patient is still in the stress phase).

A patient with gout in his hands and feet that prevented him from working, as he was a cab driver: "Shortly after starting to inject himself with sea water, he had profuse night sweats. Within a few weeks he was driving."

Night sweats is another typical symptom of the recovery phase.

"Patients injected with intravenous (isotonic) sea water instantly calm down and relax."

Relaxation, calmness, the desire to sleep are typical of the healing phase.

Cases reported by Quinton

Quinton's failures in trying to end tuberculosis (as it is a symptom of cure):

"In pulmonary tuberculosis ..., negative result, ... but preceded ... by a period of surprising resuscitation... after which the disease resumes its course." ["Sea water, organic medium". Book III: sea water in therapeutics. Quinton. pp. 465-466 available online at the National Library of France]

"In pulmonary tuberculosis, there is division of opinion, but is it not the same with all active drugs?". "Psoriasis is cured in half of the cases" Jarricot. documents/nourrisons (in French)

(Which is not to say that it is not advisable for tuberculosis patients to take sea water).

The case narrated in chapter 13 of the book

(Symptoms of a strong flu, headache, bone pain,.... days after starting to drink sea water).

These are just a few examples taken at random, not because of their importance or relevance. Many other cases have been collected by the author from various sources of clinical cases.

Accidentally, anything without apparent importance can cause us to enter the healing phase with its symptoms,... but sea water has a powerful effect in that sense. It is not advisable to start drinking sea water without first learning about Hamer's findings.

Sea water will help us to enter the recovery phase, but if the disease had an emotional origin and we do not resolve / overcome it, as soon as we stop taking sea water, we will probably return to the stress phase with its symptoms.

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