Hamer's laws for cancer and other diseases

What Hamer says is wonderful: both because it helps us discover why we get sick, and because it saves us from unnecessary treatment.

It has always been known that our thoughts make us ill, but we only knew ambiguous or unclear things, such as 'we have to learn from our illnesses'. But it was not clear what we had to learn from lung or breast cancer.

Hamer tells us precisely what wrong thinking causes each disease:

There are diseases that appear when we have already overcome a phase of stress and we just have to wait for the body to finish its natural recovery:

When we are in the first cases we have to overcome that obsession that is causing an overexertion (1) in the body, and then the body will recover (2). two phases of sickness

(bad diet, pollution, are weakening us, but what triggers the disease is an emotional shock. And vice versa, if we feel strong it will be more difficult for any difficulty to affect us) (Not all diseases have an emotional trigger, but many more than we think).

By realising this, cancer and other illnesses can be cured in a very simple way.

(In Nicaragua they cure cancer by following their laws and using sea water to facilitate the process, as explained in the extensive article in the DSalud magazine of October/2012 (n. 153).

There is an explanation of the most frequent breast cancer (of the 'ductal' type which is 90% of breast cancers in Spain), in the book "Drinking sea water". You can see ( at the end of this article) some of its pages, which talk about breast cancer).

There are many therapists who use Hamer's discoveries to make the diagnosis and then use the therapy they are specialists in.

You can order his books from info@amici-di-dirk.com or from the website amici-di-dirk.com. In Spanish there is only a small introductory booklet.

Nowadays there are many, many books that spread his discoveries (quoting him or not). Among others: 'I have treated myself with Dr. Hamer's New Medicine', 'The body as a healing tool' or 'Medicine upside down' (introductory books, for all audiences).

The book "Drinking sea water" gives a clear introduction to Dr. Hamer's laws with illustrations and case examples.


free-news.org/htm/index-NP-GNM.htm (in Spanish)

newmedicine.ca material cheaper than the following link


germanische-heilkunde.at/ (material in Italian, German and English and courses in Germany)

www.disease-is-different.com Site with short videos (10') with very clear graphics and cartoons.

(the cheapest way to obtain material is to order it directly from the publishers: Amici-di-dirk in Spain).

Other doctors recommending against cancer treatment

Dr Juan GĂ©rvas (Spain) or Kondo Makoto (Japan) explain why here. The former has been a professor in the most prestigious medical schools all over the world, the latter is a well-known doctor in Japan, author of numerous best sellers.

Other sources, however, are also very much the same: According to this thesis, among women who have had 10 mammograms from the age of 50 onwards, one in five is wrongly told that she has cancer (without having it).

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As you can see, on 6/14/2024 I've added many articles.

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