How to live well

To live well, as explained in this other article, we should not only have a correct understanding of diseases (knowing what Hamer explains), but also have a correct general approach to our life (which is also the simplest and most efficient).

The latter I think is well described by this metaphor of an umbrella.

There are two ways to keep an umbrella upright, still, in balance:

  1. holding it with two fingers by the tip and thus letting its own weight make it vertical.

    umbrella held with two fingers
  2. Pushing up the ends of the ribs. Working a lot (now pushing more than one rod that has remained low, then another, ...) and with bad result, because the umbrella is always unbalanced moving. (If we take the umbrella by the handle we do the same force as pushing the ends of the rods, we work the same but from a different place).

    umbrella pushed by the rods

The first option corresponds to the one who puts God as the center of his life (not only in words), the second corresponds to the one who seeks to maintain the balance in his life through "tricks", to know many things but not the most important ones.

In the corporal aspect, to maintain the balance in all the changing circumstances of life (environmental -cold, heat,...-, of relationship -fights-, social -unemployment-,...) is to maintain health.

Both the balance of the body and the soul are prerequisites to act much and well. If we are sick, there is little we can do. If we are healthy but easily upset, we will not do much good either, because we waste our time and energy and that of others.

The umbrella is our body and soul. Keeping the body in balance (healthy) helps us to keep the soul in balance, but it may not be enough.

The two fingers with which we hold the umbrella are the two answers to the two fundamental questions: who we are and what we are doing here (we are Sons of God if baptized and we are in grace and we are here to give glory to God).

It does us no good to have a healthy body and a life without difficulties if we do not know what to dedicate it to, or we dedicate it to the wrong thing, like the one who takes (without knowing it) a thief for a traveling companion.

These two truths are the basis of our good life:

These two truths are the most important. St. Bernadette (the visionary of Lourdes), who saw the Virgin at the age of 13 but was still illiterate and could not study religious doctrine, was allowed to make her first communion because she at least knew those two truths.

If we do not know those two truths, no matter how much money, health, fame, we have, they will not make us happy: "with this new book, car, job, course, therapy,... I will finally be happy" (well no, something is always "missing", because we are made for the infinite (*) and only those two truths "connect" us with it) (**).

(*) "You have made us for You and our heart is restless until it rests in You". Confessions of St. Augustine, I, 1, 1.

(**) In addition to knowing these truths, we must put them into practice ("faith without works is dead faith" James, 2, 24).

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