Hamer and sea water (or any other remedy or therapy)

Let's clarify here the relationship between Hamer and seawater.

Much of what is said here is said in the book, in a different order. It is convenient not to forget what is said in the section "Where can we find help?" (chapter 9), the end of chapter 7 and what is said in chapter 11, especially the section "The best therapy is...".

Conscious, unconscious, automatic

Our body has:

We can influence its automatic functioning in different degrees and ways. We have control over breathing (and so we can dive for a while). We have less control over digestion: we can only facilitate or hinder it. And about the healing of wounds the same: I can wash them with sea water, apply heat, but little more. We can become aware of the wound, but the body uses totally unconscious mechanisms to heal it.

In other words, things happen in our body that we know nothing about. We are totally unconscious of them (although we are awake, not sleeping unconscious).

What Hamer tells us

Hamer tells us that there are unconscious bodily reactions that are triggered by a shock and evolve according to the evolution of that shock (according to its intensity and duration, cessation, and the time that has passed after that cessation). We call these bodily reactions diseases, and we name them according to their symptoms.

Often we have illnesses that we may be aware of but that we let evolve automatically, unconsciously (for example, a small cold: "it will pass"). Just as we do with small wounds that we are aware of (pricking ourselves with a rosebush): we take care of them a little and forget about them.

Thanks to Hamer, we can consciously intervene in serious illnesses caused by shocks. We intervene in the shock, because it is the cause of the disease and its state directs the evolution of the disease.

The shock (and the symptoms of the disease) is the only thing we can become aware of, the mechanisms that trigger the shock we have no idea, they are totally unconscious (how is the image generated in the CT scan from the shock? why does each type of shock affect a different organ?)

The body has not only the mechanisms that are triggered by shock, but it has many other mechanisms. Hamer used them when recommending some remedies or therapies to influence the evolution of the disease, without modifying the state of the shock.

There are unconscious bodily mechanisms controlled by shocks and others independent of them.

Thus, in addition to trying to overcome the shock, Hamer recommended a salt water baths in kidney diseases, or, once the shock was overcome, he recommended taking stimulants (tea, coffee), cold in the head, taking medicines,.... thus provoking other unconscious bodily mechanisms contrary to the unconscious bodily mechanisms governed by the shock. In the first case to provoke more urine (despite the fact that the shock causes less urine), in the second case to slow down the unconscious mechanism that is activated when the shock is overcome.

These other unconscious bodily mechanisms not directed by shocks can be so powerful that they eliminate the disease without intervening in the shock (without overcoming it). This is what happens with kidney patients who are cured by drinking sea water and not treating the shock that must have caused the disease.

(as Dr. Ilari explains in these videos). The patients urinate more, they no longer need medication or transplants. That the kidneys work much better with sea water - drunk or injected - is something that Quinton already proved at the beginning of the 20th century with dogs).

We become ill unconsciously, for reasons that are initially unknown to us or that we do not relate to the disease (shocks), and we can heal ourselves consciously by following Hamer's teachings (finding out what the shock was, reading what Hamer says produces that kind of shock and remedying it), sometimes we can heal ourselves by unconscious mechanisms triggered by remedies or therapies (overcoming the shock unconsciously) and sometimes the disease can remain "frozen" (without overcoming the shock), without aggravating or resolving itself.

These remedies, therapies (or anything) do not teach us to overcome the shock and not relapse into it, but they are better than nothing.


We are with pancreatic cancer because of a fight with someone.

We can get out of that shock consciously by being aware of it, that it is giving us the cancer, and ending the fight through forgiveness or whatever, so that the body feels that the fight is over.

This shock can become inactive (and the pancreatic cancer "frozen") if, for example, we receive a large inheritance, go to live in the Seychelles and forget about our previous life.

That shock can be unconsciously resolved (and the pancreatic cancer moved to the healing phase) by a chance event or a remedy or therapy.

The effect of sea water

As a healing remedy

Seawater triggers the following powerful unconscious mechanism: since all cells are bathed in a liquid very similar to diluted seawater, since cells are nourished and excreted through their surface, all cells start to function better if the liquid surrounding them is cleansed.

This has two consequences:

  1. Because of the influence of the body on the soul, by having a healthier body we are in a better mood, and that helps us to get out of obsessive situations caused by shocks.

  2. Since one of the operations that the cells do is to repair the body, the recovery phase is more intense and shorter.

That is to say, it helps us to pass from the stress phase to the recovery phase (it is only a help that may not be enough) and, if we are already in the second phase, it makes it more intense and shorter. (That is why it is perhaps not convenient to take it when we want the opposite, for example, when the mucus - repair phase - blocks our bronchial tubes).

I confirmed this by studying clinical cases and seeing that when they started taking seawater they began to have the symptoms of the healing phase.

As a preventive remedy

With sea water we are stronger and so:

- we face situations in such a way that they do not produce shocks (because the state of our body influences our mind),

- o the shocks do not last long and their symptoms go unnoticed,

- or we quickly eliminate the symptoms produced by the shocks we have (as a young person repairs wounds much faster than an old person).

A bit like the rich:

- that the security that their money gives them avoids them many shocks (fights for small inheritances, liver problems, devaluations,...),

- and if they have any shocks, they do not last long when compared to the immensity of their wealth,

- or they eliminate them quickly because they can be given strong distractions (trips, parties,...).


- Seawater is a great benefit for our health, which we can take advantage of for good or for bad (with good health we can devote ourselves to stealing or working). And we can have more money / health / power than wisdom to use it: young heirs who squander their fortune, winners of lottery prizes, artists in financial straits in their old age.

- Since we get sick because of our excesses (*), as we have a stronger body we get sick less and we have less chance of discovering them (if we also know Hamer's teachings).

- If we are in the tension phase, seawater can cause us (it is not granted) to enter the recovery phase, where there are symptoms that, if we misinterpret them because we do not know what Hamer teaches, will complicate our life a lot.

- Seawater can give us time while we find a better solution (for example, to constipation).

The three levels

When we have erroneous beliefs we end up having surprises:

"I thought that the 40 sign before a curve meant that there were 40 meters to the curve!" We get the surprise of ending up in the hospital for taking that curve at 100 km/h.

Three therapeutic levels
(0): level 0, rock of our deepest convictions; (1): level 1; (2): level 2; (3) seawater; (4) Other therapies and remedies.

If we use seawater (or other remedies or therapies) taking as a basis Hamer's discoveries, we will learn what we overdid that caused us the shock and the disease (level 2), but sometimes we can also use it without taking into account the shock (level 1). All this on the "rock" of our deepest convictions: who we are and what we are doing here (level 0).

Just as there are true (Hamer) and false (the official, pathological) medical theories, there are also right and wrong answers to the deepest questions. With wrong answers, no matter how much seawater we drink and how much we know about Hamer, we will devote our life to the wrong thing and we will also have a big surprise at the moment of death.

The right answers help us both not to have so many shocks and to enter earlier into the healing phase.


That our diseases are caused by our sins or our ancestors is irrefutable. In all the Bible (Old and New Testament) they were convinced of it (Job, John 9,...). Up to 9 generations the Bible tells us that the sins of the ancestors are paid (that is if we do not relapse in the same sins). We do not enter here in the degree of guilt that we or our ancestors have, nor in the risk of assigning our faults to others, nor in the very serious sin that all this can lead us (hating our parents).

In Spain there is a convent of nuns (Poor Clares) who have declared that there is no pope since Pius XII. As a result, their "bishop" has stolen their bank accounts and is trying to expel them from their monasteries. He says they had less than 6,000 euros. (Even more shameful act, for stealing good poor nuns of what little money they had. They are poor: they had to mortgage one of their monasteries). They ask for support (money, materials or diffusion of their situation). Their website is tehagoluz.com and their Instagram account.

As you can see, on 6/14/2024 I've added many articles.

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If you at your country become a critical mass of people interested in sea water, companies offering it will arise.

So, it's in your hands, sharing this information meeting your friends, by phone or social networks, to make the conditions where these companies will appear and make sea water even more available to all the people.

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