Wonders the body can do

Examples of wonders that the body is capable of doing (if we allow it to do so). From the book "The soul is everything. From Demonology to Therapeutic Hypnosis" Dr. Franz Völgyesi. Luis de Caralt publisher Barcelona 1956.

This article does not talk about many other wonders that we do with the body but in a conscious way, such as living without eating (which is explained in the extension of the contents of the book), the dowsers, the Japanese archers who do blind instinctive shooting, the various skills of the Shaolin monks in China, or the children who learn to see without eyes (and play chess, ping-pong, skate, etc.), ...

(See also, in this other article, how the body produces collateral arteries when there is a blockage in a main coronary artery).

Forgotten gauze inside the abdomen

"By natural means"

"By natural means": in the language of physicians, certain admirable, complicated phenomena of an instinctive nature consisting of self-treatment, even self-healing of the organism, are designated by that expression.

The wife of a Protestant clergyman visited me and submitted to my treatment because of certain pains and physical weakness. Her sufferings were so terrible that, she said, she would have already committed suicide if she were not a clergyman's wife. The pains in her belly had been tormenting her for three years, while the neuralgic headaches she was suffering from were of more recent origin.

Because of his markedly psychopassive state, very sensitive and easy to suggestion and hypnosis, his headaches disappeared without any medication in a few days of hypnotic treatment; the author has long since recognized as a general rule that what can be achieved by hypnotherapy, by mental suggestion, is in direct proportion to how easily the patient can be influenced and in inverse proportion to the severity of the disease. This only made it possible in this case to establish that the disease causing these pains must be serious. The examination did not allow any clear diagnosis to be made. Several X-rays of the abdominal organs had already been taken with negative results: the X-rays showed nothing. Even the exact location of the pain was only possible to obtain when the patient was hypnotized, since the body is then more sensitive. At the site of the pain I had the impression of noticing a swelling, very vaguely noticeable at any rate. Since I could not get any result, and knowing that my patient had already undergone a gynecological operation, I sent her to a surgeon. The surgeon, Professor Adalberto Mezö, opened the belly without finding anything interesting at first. But as he continued searching, he stumbled upon a blackish-blue swelling in the small intestine. He opened the swelling and then the mystery unfolded in a very curious way: inside the swelling was a piece of gauze 70 centimeters long and 7 centimeters wide. The piece had been left there during the previous operation, performed by someone else.

And here is how the miracle had been accomplished: the instinctive preconscious wisdom of nature had begun to work as soon as the piece of gauze was left in the belly. Like any primitive animal with its instincts, the intestine began by surrounding the strange "enemy" introduced there, and surrounded and fixed it with special movements and exudations. Then the part of intestine in contact with the gauze developed a new wrinkle with which it totally enveloped the foreign body and simply enclosed it. And then the intestine began to try to expel by natural ways the piece of gauze, repairing at the same time the wounds that such an abnormal situation caused it. (The patient did not want in any way to have another operation on her abdomen, after the one she had undergone years before. Only under the effect of hypnosis was it possible to get her, once awake, to ask for such treatment herself (figure 125, p. 320).

Forgotten gauze in intestine

A biotechnical marvel of the living organism: a cloth 70 cm long by 7 cm wide, forgotten in the belly during an operation, is picked up by the small intestine through its own septum. It is then surgically removed thirty months later. Patient cured. The case was diagnosed by the author with the help of hypnosis, under which the operation also took place. Operator, Professor Adalbert Mezö.

Such extraordinary "biotechnical" activities, such as this self-operation of the intestine in the manner of the most primitive animals, are admirable from many points of view. Surgeons know very well that the smallest perforation of the intestine drags behind it a general infection of the belly. On the other hand, the small intestine, because of its great sensibility, easily suffers occlusions.

Well, in the case cited, the intestine underwent this extraordinarily complicated operation without a single drop of internal liquid from the intestine spilling into the cavity of the abdomen. On the other hand and in spite of the important impediments, the intestinal function continued to be performed without interruption on a daily basis in the region affected by the case. (See Dr. Adalbert von Mezö: "Contribution to the casuistry of foreign bodies left in the body after laparatomy", Zentralblatt für Chirurgie, 62/9). American and several European surgeons have also reported similar cases in which the organism has expelled by natural means (through the anus) surgical gauzes forgotten during the operation, all of them, in any case, smaller in size than the one in the case described.

Experiment with a dog

If by means of an operation the intestine of a dog is closed with a silk thread, thus interrupting the continuity of the intestine, the animal does not die, as long as it is left alone. As in our example, the affected part of the intestine expands over the obstacle, envelops it, eventually engulfs it, thus re-establishing the continuity of the intestine, and finally expels the foreign body by natural means.

Abortive embryo

It has ever happened in female organisms that, in a pregnant womb, the dead abortive embryo is picked up by one of those amazing "primitive" activities of the intestine and expelled by natural means through the rectum.

Silver pessary

I have personally known the case of a sixty-five-year-old female patient suffering from great belly pains, regarded by her family physician as hysterical phantasmagorias; this patient expelled with relatively small pains a silver pessary which the family physician had inserted forty years before for the well-known final purpose. The foreign object had here also been picked up by the intestine after passing through various tissues in an operation that had lasted for decades.

In times of war

All surgeons know of similar cases, which I myself have encountered in the exercise of my profession, even though I am not a surgeon. Such cases are mostly crowned with success in the field and in soldiers during the war. Internal diseases accompanied by suppuration, which in a civilized environment are always operated on, are sometimes cured by themselves in times of war, and by the same way of the natural ways. One of my Bosnian soldiers complained of minor aches and pains. He had no fiever. The next day there appeared under the right side of the rib cage an opening, from which I, with the help of tweezers, pulled out thirty-two gallstones of all sizes.

Strangulated hernias

Cases have also been observed in which the organism has spontaneously proceeded to the dangerous operation of strangulated hernia. The organism opened anal openings through which the dead inner part of the intestine was drained. When the success of the "operation" rendered this opening useless, it healed by itself. All this with the mere help of the wise healing force of nature.

After these examples of the independent "soul" organization of the organs of the womb, so similar to that of rudimentary animals, the following account, which comes from a surgeon, is not so incredible:

Poppy seeds in the abdomen

As a result of a perforation of the stomach due to an ulcer, thousands of poppy seeds - the patient had eaten a typical dish prepared with pasta and poppy seeds - penetrated into the abdominal cavity. During the operation, it was possible to extract from it the solid remains and a certain volume of the food, but not those tiny seeds. In spite of the bad auspices under which the operation was carried out, the patient, of strong constitution, was healed. Half a year later he had to undergo another operation on his abdomen, because of a new ailment. Surprisingly, the surgeons found that no poppy seeds were visible in the abdominal cavity: they had all been collected and isolated without exception by the peritoneum, rendering them harmless.

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