Why so many things (products or therapies) "do well" for cancer

If we know Hamer's laws, we know that many diseases heal themselves, because they are only symptoms that the body is healing from something (they are like scarring).

In these cases, as long as what we take does not intoxicate us, we are letting the body finish its healing.

So, if we have ductal breast cancer (which is an example of the above), we can eat potatoes every day and believe (wrongly) that we have been cured by them. We have been cured because the potatoes have not hindered or interrupted the body's work of recovery.

Thus, without knowing Hamer, we may believe that a product cures some diseases, but we are mistaken.

Going into more detail

Hamer says:

Any therapy or remedy that we take when we are already recovering (2) (ductal breast cancer, rectal cancer, leukaemia,...) and that does not have great exciting effects that interrupt the natural healing process (as chemotherapy does), will allow us to complete our recovery.the two phases of sickness

(As long as we do not continually relapse into what triggered our illness).

In other words, anything cures cancers or diseases that are only symptoms of the healing process (2) (drinking a glass of water a day, for example).

In diseases and cancers that are not repair processes (lung cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer,...), the decisive thing is that the sick person frees himself from the obsessive preoccupation.

In these cases, any remedy or therapy that helps the patient to solve his problem will help him to pass from the phase of overstrain (1) to the phase of repair (2) and end up cured. the two phases of sickness

(Provided that the patient does not continually relapse into what triggered the illness).

How can the patient be helped to solve his problem in these cases?

(This information is of a general nature. The application of the general rules to each person is the work of doctors and therapists).

There are reputable doctors who recommend (in most cases) not to treat cancer.

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