Mental disorders according to Hamer (How to treat them. Teeth and sea water)

(as seen by the author of this website, who is not a psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist)

Abnormal behaviour is not always caused by shock. See at the end the influence of teeth ( and what is said on the "mental disorders" page).

How we become mentally ill (when the origin is psychic shocks)

Going deeper into what was explained on the page "mental disorders", Hamer tells us that when we suffer some serious difficulty in our life we can develop a disease in an organ if we do not know how to overcome it quickly. The more time we spend with the problem and the more intensely we experience it, the more serious it becomes. We can get pancreatic cancer, or lung cancer, or liver cancer....

If when we are under the effect of a big shock, we get another shock, then we enter a mental illness.

Mental illness occurs when we have more than one unresolved shock at a time. When, without resolving one problem, we get another serious one, also unanticipated. Depending on what kind of vital shocks we have, we will have one mental illness or another.

(We are not isolated beings: the family is usually an important part of the origin of the problem and it is convenient that it evolves together with the patient).

Symptoms of each illness

The curious thing is that while we are "crazy" (because we have two or more unresolved shocks), we do not develop any physical, organic illness (each of the unresolved shocks should produce an illness in its corresponding organ).

It is as if the body, when we receive more than one shock, is as perplexed (disoriented) as we are and therefore does not develop a coherent, concrete, material response. (This explains why mentally ill people get less sick, have fewer cancers, for example).

We all have various emotional, vital, unresolved shocks. The only thing that differentiates those labelled "crazy" from people labelled "normal" is the intensity of those shocks (and therefore of their imbalances).

(We may also lack the label because we haven't been to a psychiatrist to get it).

Which shock produces which mental disorder

Hamer's findings explain in detail what kind of vital shocks produce what kind of mental illnesses (persecutory mania, hearing voices, obsessive thoughts about after death, continuous verbosity, continuous inner verbosity, donjuanism, nymphomania, autism, anorexia, aggressiveness, frigidity, amenorrhoea, asthma, feeling flying, feeling cornered, ...).

It also takes into account the order in which these shocks occur, the hormonal state of the person, their sex and whether they are right or left-handed. This means that changes in the hormonal status (andro-menopause, contraceptive pill, other hormone treatments,...) will alter the state of the patient.

Treatment of the mentally ill

Hamer recommends great caution in treating the mentally ill by helping them to resolve the shocks they are carrying. As they are eliminated, the last shock may be very serious and its eventual recovery phase very difficult to control. Let us remember that as long as there are several unresolved shocks there is no materialisation, but if there is only one, there will be.

Hamer goes so far as to recommend not intervening in some cases because of the unexpectedness of their evolution and the serious symptoms that can occur in their resolution phase (in the healing phase).

Let us remember that there are two ways of dealing with shocks:

  1. Resolve them effectively, materially. Real case: a scientist who has been fighting all his life to have his discovery recognised, one day he succeeds.
    Inconvenient: he enters the resolution phase with its corresponding symptoms, in the case cited: "fulminating heart attack shortly after getting recognition".

    (For our peace of mind, let us remember that it is not the facts that make us ill, but how we take them. If we are misunderstood scientists, it is not certain that we will die the day our discoveries are recognised).

  2. Not solving them effectively, materially, but immaterially, spiritually, "growing". Instead of winning the fight we have with our neighbour, we stop giving it importance, we accept the situation as an expression of the divine will, or we simply stop thinking about it and dedicate ourselves to other things.

    Connecting with infinite Many therapies can help us in this. It is important not to forget that we have to reconnect with the infinite ( see here). Any symptomatic treatment (remedies, hospitalisation) is only useful as long as we make progress in resolving the origin of the disorder.

    If insanity is caused by shock, the earlier the age at which the disorder started, the more responsibility the parents and relatives have for the patient's condition, and they are the first ones to improve their condition.

Use of sea water

The patient is probably in a stable state, within his abnormal situation. Sea water, as a very powerful remedy, will probably push him to change this state in an unpredictable way (as Hamer says), and enter into phases of healing with symptoms that in some cases can be severe. Therefore, in these mental conditions, it seems that one should be extremely cautious with sea water or not use it at all.

If the patient has received more medication than necessary, sea water is ideal for detoxifying the body.
In alcoholism, sea water is not only useful for relieving hangovers (detoxification), but also for reducing or completely eliminating dependence.

The teeth

The first thing to look at, first of all, is the condition of the teeth. The eminent Dr. Adler, in his book ( complete here), recounts many cases of people who "got out of the mental hospital" by just by removing the teeth that were causing problems, and that there used to be doctors who refused to treat any patient before that, so as not to waste their own time or the patient's. The book has a specific chapter on this topic: "Does psychiatry have anything to do with irritation fields?"

(In it, neural therapy terms are used that may not be understood by someone who reads it first). There is a simple introduction to neural therapy here.

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