The three therapeutic levels

About the three levels sea also this other article (Hamer and sea water).

The tree therapeutic levels
(0): level 0, rock of our deepest convictions; (1): level 1; (2): level 2; (3) seawater; (4) Other therapies and remedies

Level 2: remedies and therapies

Level 1: medical approach

Level 0: our deepest convictions: who we are and what we are doing here

The title of the book refers to level 2 (seawater as a remedy).

The subtitle refers to level 1 (taking into account Dr. Hamer's medical approach).

Level 0 is outside the scope of the book, and briefly it can be said that the answers are those given by the Church until the beginning of the last century, when probably the last pope died. Since then we are under the rule of the antichrist waiting for the second coming of Christ.

There is only one truth

There is always one truth and many lies. Truth is that 2 plus 2 is 4. Lies are that it's 5, 6, 10, 1000 or 100,000.

For some subjects it may be difficult to find the truth, but that does not mean that it does not exist.

At each level there is a truth and many lies: just as there is a correct medical approach (Hamer, traditional medicines), and there is a false medical approach (the current official medicine that accuses microbes of our diseases), there is also a correct deep conviction and many false ones.

Consequences of our mistakes at each level

If we make a mistake in the remedy but we know how to correctly interpret the reactions of our body (level 2), we soon realize that we have made a mistake. If we use the wrong approach, we will not realize it, we will be worse and worse and we will blame the poor microbes. If we make a mistake in the remedy, we will be cured with more difficulty but probably without serious consequences.

If we make a mistake in our vision of the disease, we will probably end up getting into serious trouble sooner or later (a consequence of our mistake, not because of "bad luck").

Those who are mistaken in the deepest convictions, the healthier they are, the worse, because they advance along the wrong path.

Those who have no answer to the most important questions of life, with what illusion do they get up every morning? What strength do they have to overcome all the difficulties of life?

See the article "How to live well" with the metaphor of the umbrella.

In Spain there is a convent of nuns (Poor Clares) who have declared that there is no pope since Pius XII. As a result, their "bishop" has stolen their bank accounts and is trying to expel them from their monasteries. He says they had less than 6,000 euros. (Even more shameful act, for stealing good poor nuns of what little money they had. They are poor: they had to mortgage one of their monasteries). They ask for support (money, materials or diffusion of their situation). Their website is tehagoluz.com and their Instagram account.

As you can see, on 6/14/2024 I've added many articles.

In Spain you can buy sea water at cheap price at any diet store and some supermarkets. Examples: this diet store, this pharmacy (at higher price), this supermarket.

There is also an organic bakery making bread with sea water and sells it too.

There are 5 companies bottling and selling sea water because there is a lot of people drinking sea water on a daily basis.

If you at your country become a critical mass of people interested in sea water, companies offering it will arise.

So, it's in your hands, sharing this information meeting your friends, by phone or social networks, to make the conditions where these companies will appear and make sea water even more available to all the people.

Work in progress.

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