Dental treatments are the cause of many diseases

are very damaging to us. While we are strong we may not notice it, but when we feel bad, it is the first thing we have to look at.

In the past, some doctors refused to treat any patient who had not first had their teeth cleaned (removed what was said before) (so as not to waste their time or the patient's).

A recent renowned dentist (Dr. Adler) in his book explained how he cured his patients of the most varied diseases only by removing root canal teeth or root remnants.

( in the case of cancers, Dr. Hamer's discoveries should be taken into account).

Please also read the book review of the book "The Mouth: Gateway to Health" below. It is very important.

Because teeth, even if they look healthy, can be the biggest obstacle to health.teeth with root canal treatment X-ray

If we wear shoes with a nail that pricks us: we can do yoga, go to the psychiatrist, to a spa,... they won't help us. We have to take the nail out of our shoe!

The same happens with teeth: sea water is great, therapies are fabulous, good nutrition, serenity and joy of life,... but we can have a tooth that, although it does not hurt or show anything abnormal in the X-rays, can be disturbing the body, and we will be worse and worse.

Popular wisdom knows the importance of teeth for health.

And there are doctors who also recognise this.

Today's holistic doctors agree with other traditional doctors in asking the patient first of all to have his teeth cleaned, or to have an X-ray of the whole mouth (orthopantomography), to check the condition of the teeth, before starting to look for other causes of the disease.

Weston A. Price at the beginning of the 20th century already observed the mechanism of distant intoxication from infectious dental foci, especially from devitalised teeth.

Dr. Adler also explained how apparently healthy teeth can be the origin of diseases in the rest of the body.

He also warned about the prodigality with which we intervene on teeth, as in no other medical discipline do we introduce so many foreign materials into the body as in dentistry.

That is why some dentists suggest to avoid:

Regarding implants, this news item contains the opinion of a periodontist who explains that mucosits and perimplantitis are becoming more and more frequent in consultations due to "too many implants". On their side effects (apart from gum inflammation), see others in this article, or this one, saying that "the biggest problem with implants is not infection or rejection problems, but the fact of having something foreign in the body". This other article says that people with implants often have a calcified pineal gland and that although not all calcification of the pineal gland leads to neurodegenerative disorders (Alzheimer's and others), it should be taken into account and investigated further when there are any neurodegenerative symptoms.

I think that the mouth is one of the most important parts of the body (more so than many other parts that we can live without for many years), and very close to the brain. Therefore, the body fights with all its might to counteract any disorder in it. That is why we can have rotten teeth and live for years with them, which would not be possible in other parts of the body, because "cadaverine", which is a toxin produced in putrefaction, is the most dangerous toxin. This means that we can have damage to our teeth, or have very harmful treatments which may not give us any apparent symptoms but which are draining a lot of energy from the body, and which we may start to notice in other parts.


The most advisable thing to do seems to be:

  1. Healing the mouth: extracting teeth with deep cavities (which already hurt us), endodontic teeth,....

  2. If several teeth are missing, use a non-metallic removable partial prosthesis (resin or nylon).

  3. If we are missing more teeth, use non-metallic removable complete prostheses (the classic ones). Always the simplest, no implant-supported prostheses.

(Which corresponds to what the Amish do and is recommended in oriental cultures).

If several teeth have been lost, it is necessary to wear dentures continuously (day and night). Otherwise the gum bone recedes rapidly (atrophies, disappears).

If the missing teeth are molars, there is more wear and tear on the joint in the mouth (called temporomandibular joint, TMJ), and this causes alterations in both posture and vitality of the whole body.

In extractions, no piece of root should be left behind, as mentioned above.

All materials (composites, irons, resins) are foreign to the body, so it is advisable to check our reaction to them before putting them in the mouth.

There is a basic aspect that is very important to remember: if the maxilla or mandible does not grow as much as it should, there will not be room for all the teeth, they will be crowded, badly positioned (malocclusion), and will end up causing problems (see an article in the "Links" section).

Neural therapy in neurofocal dentistry

(Should always be done after every extraction)

( More explanation on neural therapy).

It consists of small injections of anaesthetic that are given after operations (extractions). The first injection should be given at the latest one week after the extraction. Two more may follow at intervals of one week.

They have the function of relaxing the nervous system that has been excited for so long by the 'interfering field', 'focus', which is what neuro-focal dentists call the tooth or molar that has been causing us problems.

Just as after a break, rehabilitation exercises must be carried out to muscle the limb and to get the body to use it normally again, so after a prolonged irritation of the nervous system, it must be made well aware that no more alarm signals are coming from that place.

Electrical metaphor

When a short circuit occurs at one point in the house (the two power cables touch each other), the main switch in the house goes off, leaving the whole house in the dark.

When we fix the short-circuit, we have to reset the main switch, in order to restore the current.

If we fix the short circuit but do not reset the main switch, we have only done half the job and are still in the dark.

With Neural Therapy we reset the main switch. We say to the nervous system: no more screams will come through this channel, be attentive to the whispers.

In the website neural therapy there are two pictures ( one, two) indicating which organs can be affected by each bad tooth (these pictures should be considered as guidelines, not as a diagnosis).

Scars or other bodily trauma can also cause discomfort or illness and require neural therapy.

Frequently asked questions

I have two devitalisations, what do I do?

Always remove them as soon as possible (extract the teeth). Without urgency, but without postponement. You will realise that the state of your body that you thought was "normal" was not.

I have a cavity that is so deep that I start to feel sensitivity to cold/heat or when I take acids (oranges, lemons, grapefruit,...), what do I do?

Try rinsing your mouth with seawater. Avoid what makes you sensitive and above all, if you drink something acidic, immediately rinse your mouth with seawater. But this is only a temporary solution. Sooner or later you will have to have that tooth removed. The untreated decay, as it grows (and it doesn't hurt because you rinse it with seawater), will take away your energy, until the day you feel clearly unwell. DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE.


Dental operations performed when the Moon is not transiting a detrimental zodiac sign are easier, less painful and heal faster ( see calendar of extractions until 2049).


Dr. Ernesto Adler's book (german doctor whoe lived in Lloret de Mar, Spain). Complete on the internet, with 150 cases that he treated during his career. In addition to the chapter index, there is a practical subject index.

The book "The mouth, gateway to health", by Dr. Sonia Mendoza.

Her website is respiracionbucal.blogspot.com. Her son, also a dentist (who applies his mother's knowledge), sells the book on his website soldentalclinic.com/libro/

The book can be downloaded from the website of this other dentist. It seems that it is not the latest version, but it looks very similar to the version sold on the above site.

He explains the great importance of the mouth for health: that when we have a health problem we must first check that everything is OK in the mouth, that is, that we use it for eating and not for breathing, that we chew on both sides, that certain anomalies in the teeth can cause illnesses in the rest of the body (of all kinds: painful or irregular periods, continuous vaginal discharge, sterility, stunted growth, etc.). Abnormalities that are quickly solved with oral orthopaedic appliances that are worn loose and "removable".

Adler focuses more on the condition of the individual teeth, Dr. Mendoza focuses more on the shape of the dental arches and the proper use of the mouth.

Topics covered:

Other problems that may be caused by the above (breathing through the mouth or chewing only on one side):

Source: website of the creator of one of the maxillary orthopaedic appliances (loose appliances in the mouth).

Extract: "the first Orthopaedist in the world was Demosthenes, the great orator of ancient Greece; in his youth he was a stammerer and everyone laughed at his dreams of being a great orator, something that was very prestigious in ancient Greece. Demosthenes was determined and used his intellect, he would go whole afternoons to the beach and put pebbles inside his mouth and was determined to speak with this "discomfort" there. This caused the greatest hilarity among those who watched him, but he persisted in his efforts, he knew what he was getting at. He knew that this "discomfort" would provoke his tongue and oral muscles to make an extra effort to overcome them, so that these weak, clumsy and incapable muscles would become skilful, strong, agile and fast, and one day when he no longer put the little stones on them, they would be even more agile; like a runner in an obstacle course, who suddenly has the obstacles removed. This is the philosophy of orthotics. Patients often complain about the only "seemingly" negative thing about the treatment: that the brace makes it uncomfortable for them to speak. The first thing I tell them is to see the many benefits: they breathe better immediately, the pain goes away immediately, they feel rested and sleep well from day one, etc., so that the huge speech "problem" is no longer a problem. I also teach them that the tongue is the most skilful muscle in the body and a little exercise in front of a mirror, speaking in a forced manner like a clown, will loosen the oral muscles and irrigate them, so that very soon this "negativity" will be forgotten and they will feel completely comfortable. In fact, when the patient is able to speak well with the appliance in the mouth, this means that the oral balance has been achieved. What they do not understand until later is that by doing the oral exercises to speak with the appliance they are irrigating the whole body, because the lips are the sphincter of the sphincters of the body. Whenever we need to exert force, we first clench our lips and teeth; when we hold back the urge to urinate, we do the same, and so, the very act of kissing, involves a strong stimulation of the cardiac sphincters and so on. Whistling, singing, laughing, are all beneficial acts tending towards relaxation and stimulation of the whole organism".

"La Santé dans votre bouche : les dents gouvernent votre équilibre." Dr. Davo Koubi, 1991

"Dental ailments can be the origin of a wide variety of pains or illnesses, sometimes very serious, affecting the eyes, lungs, heart, spine,..."

Published by Les Yeux Fertiles vpc@medilivres.ch and also by Grancher publishers.

"Root canal cover-up" from Dr. George Mein, www.price-pottenger.org

"The price of root canal" from Dr. Hal Huggins, USA.



Very complete website with articles and transcripts of conferences.


Web with Dr. Adler's complete book in pdf format (11Mb in size). It also has the plates of the tooth-organ correspondence.


Weston A. Price Foundation. Very complete information. There is a great article where they explain the importance of having fully developed bones (maxilla, jaw), and how, if they are not, it can affect our posture all the way down to our feet and cause all kinds of illnesses and discomfort. (This dentist does not seem to know about neurofocal dentistry, neural therapy, which, in some cases, is key).


Swiss dentist who uses seawater to prevent and treat amalgam poisoning. He explains how the materials used to fill cavities (in intimate contact with the patient for years) do not have the toxicological studies of medicines and do not even have to indicate their composition ( haroutunian.ch/reflexion.htm).

Brands of plastic material (nylon) for partial dentures without metal clasps: Flexite and Valplast.

Throughout his professional career, Dr. Carlón practised prevention and used the least aggressive techniques for the patient (he never used the drill to clean caries, he used a non-toxic filling of his invention, far from devitalisation, extraction and prosthetic replacements), avoiding the general organic consequences. Endorsed by Dr. Javier Garro, professor at the Bilbao School of Dentistry, of the Royal Academy of Medicine. And he cites active dentists who follow his techniques:

Miguel Hornero. Dirección: Dr. Cerrada, 24-26 - 1º Dcha. - (Los Abetos) 50005 Zaragoza , Tel.: 976 225 779

Mercedes Morató Pasalodos (Menorca) Dr. Llanso, 2; 971 375238 07740 Mercadal mermorpas@hotmail.com She collaborates with Odontología Solidaria www.odsolidaria.org.

Neurofocal dentistry (taking into account neural therapy)

Dra. Melibea Vallvé www.mirave.es c/ Muntaner 239, phone: 93 200 93 39 c/ Industria 7, phone: 93 458 46 11 Barcelona (Spain)

www.clinicacheron.com Terrassa (Spain)

www.happyclinica.com Barcelona (Spain)

In www.terapianeural.com there is a list of neurofocal dentists.

In Girona (Sapin): Dra. Mar López Sala 972 228910

Orthodontics without irons and natural

In Barcelona, Dentoclinic uses its own natural method to put teeth in place. Without irons during or after orthodontics, without implants to support the irons and without gluing anything to the teeth. It's a long history clinic, first class, with international prestige; they have a school of their method (which is used in many countries) and their own laboratory.

There is another system called RFA (which is used to eliminate mouth breathing in children, for example). It uses the natural force of the tongue to reposition or widen the palate. In Barcelona it is applied by Dr. Hernández Medina, at the Quirónsalud Medical Centre 933944500.

Links (in Italian)

Very good on this topic: medicinenon.it

in particular:

Switzerland, reimbursement for natural therapies (also neural therapy).

Good explanation of neural therapy ("In Italy, Neural Therapy is contracted with almost all insurance companies.") ("Disturbance fields can frequently consist of (...) chronic foci (e.g., devitalized teeth)."

www.giovanniangile.it ("Disturbance fields such as scars, fracture lines, teeth,...")

dentistaomeopatamilano.it ("Caries treatment without drill, with microabrasion technique, where possible. In fact, the Vector system is used, which acts by removing, with the nebulization of silica particles, the caries.")

In Spain there is a convent of nuns (Poor Clares) who have declared that there is no pope since Pius XII. As a result, their "bishop" has stolen their bank accounts and is trying to expel them from their monasteries. He says they had less than 6,000 euros. (Even more shameful act, for stealing good poor nuns of what little money they had. They are poor: they had to mortgage one of their monasteries). They ask for support (money, materials or diffusion of their situation). Their website is tehagoluz.com and their Instagram account.

As you can see, on 6/14/2024 I've added many articles.

In Spain you can buy sea water at cheap price at any diet store and some supermarkets. Examples: this diet store, this pharmacy (at higher price), this supermarket.

There is also an organic bakery making bread with sea water and sells it too.

There are 5 companies bottling and selling sea water because there is a lot of people drinking sea water on a daily basis.

If you at your country become a critical mass of people interested in sea water, companies offering it will arise.

So, it's in your hands, sharing this information meeting your friends, by phone or social networks, to make the conditions where these companies will appear and make sea water even more available to all the people.

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